Our company ensures the smooth operation of the Port Facility, and the effective implementation of ISPS Code security measures and procedures.

Gythio Port, after completion of its expansion works, is characterized as one of the most modern Greek ports at the port infrastructure level.

It serves the coastal and commercial connection of the area. In addition, cruise ship arrivals have already increased in 2018, and by 2019 they have almost doubled, making Gythio again a stable cruise destination for several companies.

Our company ensures the smooth operation of the Port Facility as effectively as possible, the effective implementation of the ISPS Code security measures and procedures, the briefing of personnel with security duties, the implementation of drills and security exercises adapted to the needs of the Port Facility and the overall organization of port operations.

In addition, through its partners, it has undertaken the development of the MASTER PLAN of the Port, the selection of the Waterport location, and at the same time has taken care of the inclusion of the East Mani Municipal Port Fund in the European Co-financed Development Program (NSRF) for the period 2014-2020, to finance the necessary infrastructure .