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PORTNET.GR: “Port Authority of Lavrio SA: Participation in the EYZS Exercise 4 of KEMEA”

The Port Authority of Lavrio SA, in the framework of the targeted actions for the increase of the protection of the National Characterized European Infrastructures in application of the Directive 2008/114 / EC, was selected by KEMEA and participated as a representative of the Maritime Transport & Ports in the Exercise of Functions with the code name Ε.Υ.Ζ.S 4.

The exercise, which was attended by 10 selected Transport and Energy infrastructures and 10 involved Ministries and Government Bodies, due to the applicable health protocols, was carried out by the method of teleconference by the coordination center of KEMEA, on Thursday 8/4/2021 and on Friday 9 / 4/2021 between 8.30-13.30.

For the optimal and efficient participation of the Port Authority of Lavrio SA in the exercise, the Emergency Coordination and Management Center, as provided by the Emergency Management Plan of the Port Authority of Lavrio SA, was simulated at the offices of NEXT PLUS, security consultants of the Port Authority of Lavrio SA.

The Exercise was attended by the Por Facility Security Officer (PFSO) of Port Authority of Lavrio SA, Mr. Vodinas Evangelos and the Assistant PFSO Mrs. Adami Eftychia and from NEXT PLUS the Security Consultants of Port Authority of Lavrio SA, Mr. Kavdas Konstantinos and Kraniotis Marinos.

Finally, it should be noted that the Port Authority of Lavrio SA in collaboration with DEI-Kerateas-Lavrio and with the participation of Dow Hellas SA (now RAVAGO LAVRION SA), organized and carried out on 7/7/2017, and with great success, the first nationwide live security exercise based on the requirements of Directive 2008/114 / EC.