Annual Security Exercise of Thassos Municipal Port Fund

For the first time, the Municipal Port Fund of Thassos, in collaboration with the company of Specialized Consultants NEXT PLUS, organized and successfully carried out, on December 8, 2021, the annual Security Exercise (Exercise on paper) for the Port Facility “Vathy Thassos”.

The Exercise was carried out in accordance with current legislation in order to properly prepare participants in dealing with emergencies from man-made (illegal) actions but also in the general preparation for dealing with any kind of emergency at the Port Facility with highly specialized functional and operational requirements.

The conclusions demonstrate the high level of knowledge, specialization and readiness of the executives of the involved services that participated (Coast Guard, Fire Service, Greek Police and Civil Protection of the Municipality of Thassos), with what this implies, proving the perfect organization of Port Facility (Municipal Port Fund of Thassos) but also the active interest of local agencies for the benefit of the society of Thassos.