Adaptation of Leros Municipal Port Fund to the new Schengen Entry-Exit System  

The Municipal Port Authority of Leros has submitted to the Border Protection Directorate of the Hellenic Police Headquarters a complete dossier for the approval of the required infrastructure and procedures for the implementation of the new Entry-Exit System (SEE) at the Sea Crossing Gateway (Entrance Gate) of Aghia Marina Leros.

The Municipal Port Fund of Leros is the first of 61 Pan-Hellenic Maritime Administration and Operations Bodies to submit a complete dossier for the approval of new Schengen infrastructures and procedures, with the assistance of NEXT PLUS Specialized Security Advisors supporting the ISPS Code and the implementation of the Schengen procedures in Leros.

In the context of improving the services offered, in view of the prospect of hosting high quality small cruise ships (5 & 6 stars), the Municipal Port Fund of Leros in cooperation with the Municipality of Leros is developing plans for complete refurbishment and tourist upgrading of Aghia Marina to make it a picturesque and traditional tourist destination of high demands contributing to the further development of the local and national economy.